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This film delves into the issue of Critical Race Theory, exposing its Marxist roots, tenets, goals, and the destructive effects it has on public education in America. It will reveal political revolutionaries who are attempting to tear down the Constitution, rewrite U.S. history, inflict a blow to capitalism and fundamentally change the American way of life. President Lincoln warned that if destruction is America’s destiny—it would not come by a foreign power, but by self-destruction from those living within its borders. That reality is taking root. The root is Critical Race Theory. The target is our children in schools across the nation.

Identity Marxism

Director/Producer : Brandon Beckham
Executive Producer : John D Johnson
Scriptwriter : Steve Roah
Narrator : CL Bryant
Genre : Documentary
Release Date : February 18 2022
RunTime : 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Rating:   IMDb  / 5

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